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& Prosperity

by Florescentia

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What is Purpose & Prosperity?

A path for people to align with Purpose, the deepest sense of who they are and express that through their work and relationships, unblocking the flow of Prosperity and manifesting joy and fulfillment in all areas of life. Florescentia has served over 5000 people in 30+ countries worldwide.

Master in Purpose Program
(Training & Certification)

Level 1

The entryway to your journey of purpose. Integrate your personal story, unblock the “no”, tune into purpose, and put your gifts and talents into movement.

Level 2

Ready to “land” your project in the world? Level 2 will provide the guidance to eliminate self-sabotage, give a clear direction and anchor your work.

Level 3

An alignment with your true Nature. Let go of the deepest blocks and explore the impact of Purpose on society itself.


1 on 1

Working directly 1 on 1 with Narayan Ben Fama where he will personally guide you past the roadblocks, and towards that which you want more of–fulfillment, prosperity, understanding, meaning. Serving all areas of life, including work, money, relationship, spirituality, and more.

& Money

A methodology created to help individuals harmonize their financial life. Including the “subjective” side – our relationship to money, our behavior, beliefs. And the “objective” side – putting together a budget, eliminating any debt, and investing – the “dollars and cents!”

Book Study

Every Wednesday evening we meet to read a little together, to learn a little together, and to put these teachings into practice in our daily lives. An intimate group of like-minded souls engaging in the game of life together.


Withdraw from the world and immerse yourself in one of our retreats, designed to guide the student on their path of self transformation and self discovery. In person and online. For those of you who feel the calling to go a little deeper!

Our Team

Thiago Maciel


Thiago is an entrepreneur and the founder of Florescentia and works as a Mentor of Purpose and Prosperity – for 13 years he has been offering talks on the topic and leading self-development programs aimed at self-knowledge, career transition, life purpose and prosperity.

He holds an undergraduate degree in Social Communication: Advertising and Propaganda and a received his graduate degree in Clinical Psychology. Thiago combines this knowledge with personal experience in his work, providing real experiences that disseminate a culture of purpose and prosperity and promote a new way of living life, with freedom and confidence.

Felippe Fidelis


Felippe is a father, son, brother, friend, partner, musician, former athlete, and co-founder of the University of Purpose. He holds an undergraduate degree in Business Administration and Marketing, received his graduate degree in Clinical Psychology and is currently studying for a graduate degree in Culture of Purpose and Regenerative Business.

Formerly, Felippe dedicated 19 years of his life to identifying desires and helping people consume products and services in multinationals from the most diverse markets (Financial, Technology and Sports).

Today, his journey is directly aligned at BEING, rather than HAVING.

Case Studies

Narayan Ben Fama wants to get to the core of your internal journey so you can align with your purpose and access more of your potential. My work with Narayan started with a set of fuzzy outcomes, that soon were specific and actionable goals. Each week we were working on business, but also something deeper—uncovering what was important, releasing stagnant energy, and pursuing long-term fulfillment. Narayan's work combines his entrepreneurial background, quick business knowledge, and spiritual insight for growth, and I would recommend working with him if you would like to pursue these areas.

Taylor Sherman

I did not know the way. For me I never properly had goals. Well, I did, but they were not done correctly. My goals were always tied up with those of others. I never properly asked the universe to manifest what I wanted. I was so wound up that I didn't know what needed to happen (or how). I don't know your story. Nor do I expect it will be like mine. But what I do know is that for me, I am happy. The type of happiness that comes from some wholeness. Knowing that I'm 100% in control of my life (for what I can control). And for everything else, I know that my co-pilot (the universe) has it covered.

Andreas Conrad

Within the first week of working with Ben I already had 2 new clients! His strategies and techniques work, for those who are willing to put them into practice. Before working with him, I felt frustrated, distracted and discouraged--now I feel confident, excited and grounded. I had been going through a transitional period in my life - personally and professionally - and his help has been mission critical for me to gain the structure and alignment to create success.

Raquel Matos

Start your journey of Purpose & Prosperity today. Schedule a complimentary 1 on 1 consultation to learn more.